Watch a car accidentally launch off the the road and fly over dozens of autos at a dealership

Huh? No, they wouldn’t. Evel lined them up side by side to maximize the number of vehicles he was jumping. Evel was a showman. Don’t disrespect Evel, man. That’s evil.


My brother and I left the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market minutes before this happened.

It seems he thought he was hitting the brake pedal.


Great Scott that’s harrowing! Glad you both got out unscathed!


The cars would have been safer if they wore a high viz vest and made eye contact with the driver.

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My only thought watching the video is that the car must be pretty well balanced to land mostly-flat after launching off of a berm. Parabolic motion plus front-heavy engine weight generally equals a more head-first slam into the ground instead of a landing you can careen wildly away from.

I may watch too much Mythbusters.


The specs I could find for a 2012-ish Toyota Camry SE quote a 54/46 front/rear weight distribution, which isn’t too bad for a FWD vehicle. I suppose that shouldn’t be too surprising, as the transverse 4-cylinder can be tucked pretty far back behind the front wheels and doesn’t weigh all that much.


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