Watch a FedEx driver's rude but pitch-perfect drive-by package throw

Are you kidding? The proper way to deliver is to advance slowly toward the porch and proffer the package respectfully. Then, head low and stepping backwards retire to your truck. Logistics 101.


At least they no longer follow you around, shouting “I want my two dollars!”


Not to mention the spin on the package as it rockets to the target. I’ll bet that driver throws a Frisbee in their off hours.

I know they aren’t. I worked in freight terminals in more than one temp job in an early lifetime.
I’m amazed that any freight gets thru unscathed.
In a later lifetime, I made deliveries in a bobtail. Can confirm too many deliveries, not enough time.
UPS drivers I knew pretty much had to run in order to make quota.


During our first Xmas in this house, our UPS Man brought us a package. I invited him in, telling him, “Come on in! I’m making wonderful cookies!” He was taken aback by a weird young punk inviting him in for cookies, but he tentatively entered and followed me to the kitchen. The house smelled magnificent: nice weed, Russian teacakes, almond balls, and Scottish shortbread. I gathered a whole buncha cookies in a paper towel and handed them to him. He was still kinda in shock as he left with his goodies and I bid him Merry Christmas. Gary became a good friend of ours.

One day mom took him to our back yard to show him the garden - “Almost everything you see, you delivered to us,” she told him. Gary actually wept because it was so beautiful, blooming shrubs, vines, unusual and/or native ferns and flowers everywhere. It was a real showplace. Friends would sit in our garden for awhile if they’d arrived unannounced and found us not at home.

“And to think I bitched that some of those boxes were so heavy!” Gary told her.

{ETA: Gary brought me a box of orchid plants I’d ordered, and I asked him to wait and see what was inside. Since he’d already seen the garden, he was more than willing. I got him some ice water, then carefully opened the box, and slid out a plant. It had been gently put into a paper lunchbag, then into another one on top. I pulled off the top paper bag, to be greeted by a seemingly floating piece of kleenex. I carefully lifted it to reveal a stripey, spotty, hairy lady’s slipper orchid blossom! He’d sent me one in bloom! Gary was as amazed & delighted as I, needless to say. He was V glad he’d stayed to check it out :smiley: }

A later UPS man was simply awful - all fragile items in his tender care invariably arrived broken. He didn’t give a shit, just shrugged & told us, “Aah, just re-order it. It’s no problem.” Didn’t matter if it was something we needed right away; made no difference to him. I began including notes to the ebay sellers from whom we bought breakable items. “Please ship via USPS if poss. Our UPS man thinks ‘fragile’ is an Italian city.” A few years after we finally got a new UPS man (who never brings us any broke up shit), mom remembered something about Mr Fragile.

Years and years before, a UPS driver had hit her car as she was parking at work, and was a total dickhead about it.

She had just then realized it was Mr Fragile!

We never got broken items via UPS before nor after Mr Fragile. [knocks/touches wood]


Yeah, that’s a crap way of delivering something…but anything I’ve shipped would have survived it. My personal standard for shipping anything is “can it be punted across the front lawn?” If I feel confident I can punt the box a good 20-40 feet and not worry it will be damaged then it is sufficiently packaged for the vast majority of shippers that it will encounter. Sure that means a bit bigger box, more padding, and so on, but it also means it gets there in one piece.

My wife ordered 10 Fiestaware disc pitchers from a seller on Ebay probably a decade ago. Oh there was a large box delivered, crumpled corners and all. I rocked the box before I even tried to pick it up, nothing but the sound of shattered ceramics. I opened it to find all 10 destroyed. No bubble wrap, foam, air bags, only some crumpled newspaper for items weighting about 4-5 lbs each. Your single walled box packaged with a few sheets of newspaper wouldn’t even have survived packing the pitchers for storage without one getting damaged. I hate shippers just as much as I hate the delivery service sometimes.


Where I’m from, packages have to actually be delivered (ie handed to the recipient), rather than yeeted in the general direction of the recipient’s house. Considering how litigious American culture is, this always struck me as an odd quirk.


Man, they got shit to do! You know how many deliveries these poor SOBs have to make on time?

Pack your shit well. It gets 10x worse treatment at the sorting facilities.

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The catch itself looked hinky, but not nearly as hinky as the sixth sense he’d need to know about the ball.


holy crap, how did he even know it was coming their way?? that’s insane



Good situational awareness.

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