Watch: a lesson in classic narrative structure starring a risktaker, inner tube, hill, and car

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The puff of dust at the end makes it. But am I the only one here hoping for an epilogue where the driver of the car is a large gentleman who decides to show this person that, yes, he is a “winner” of the Darwin Award after all.


Every so often, I’m reminded of how improbable it is that we didn’t go extinct as a species eons ago…


Great, now I have to explain my loud guffaws at the office.

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This is all fake. Car is pasted on, stops instantly, splash is audible and the protagonist rises too quickly from his watery CGI grave.

The reactions are just high school acting.


Yeah, the splash is what made me go - hold on, you wouldn’t hear that - and look at it closer.

Well, good fun. Nice to see they didn’t really nearly kill someone.




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Agreed - my overall response to this is too stupid to be true.

On the acting note, don’t you think this person’s friends would be rushing down the embankment to make sure he emerged? I mean, the videographer shouts “No way!”, and as he didn’t witness his friend being run over that implies that he didn’t expect him to survive the ride anyway.


Narrative structure is easy when you create a video that has it. Because you made it all up.


To me, the laziness of the friends as to not run after is the only believable part


Beavis and Butthead IRL.

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That’s how I feel about 2019 in general.


I find that nowadays I prefer episodic narratives wherein each episode allows for this kind of character driven study, for example the next episode of this show where the car revs up the motal and then purposefully runs all the pedestrians over is a real grimdark twist that many viewers did not see coming.

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the only thing that would make this more believable is if an eagle swept in and carried him away


Remembered having seen this, this seems to be the original:

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How can you say, “too stupid to be true” when we live in a world where Donald Trump is President?

Looks real to me.


Me too.

Car seems legit, does not stop instantly, wind is blowing towards the videographer so splash audio is not unreasonable, plus the timing seems right for the distance. And wouldn’t anyone dunked in the water like that get up pretty quickly?

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If you’ve decided we’re living in a stupidity simulator would be a totally reasonable explanation.

There’s no brake dive on the car at all.

The time between the tube over the watery hill, the sound, and pilot magically extracting himself and appearing is suspiciously short, no doubt for timing.