Watch Adam Pally go way off his Shorty Awards script

I don’t think Shorty can take a joke.

I had a browser window paused and could finish watching his segment after you all couldn’t, apparently. When I “rewound” to capture it, though, the rest of the show was available but his segment was replaced by a static “Shorty Awards brought to you by DirecTV” for his full time.

I’m sure it will pop up somewhere shortly (see what I did there?). It’s worth a watch.


WORKING LINK. Starts around minute 156. The winner in the category he introduced exemplified Pally’s distress: [SPOILER] it was to GoPro™. So the corporate recipient of the award is this lantern-jawed “dude” straight out of casting who looks “stoked” for the win, and, of course, accepts it on behalf of GoPro™– all while holding a GoPro™ Hero 5® on a selfie stick to capture the experience.

Also: at minute 163, it appears that he’s been relieved of his duties, but keep watching: that moment only comes at minute 166. As a last gasp, at minute 175, a self-parody of a self-involved narcissist winner starts hating on Pally as a “hater”.

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