Watch Adam Pally go way off his Shorty Awards script


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I enjoyed watching what’s usually a moment of personal revelation about the value of one’s time on Earth playing out loud and in public.


Get off my lawn!


I’ve had days like that, actually months, if not years.


So good, so real. What a treat.


I thought about getting this existential crisis T-shirt…


That was quite refreshing, in a soul rending way.

I tried watching more after he was gone and just couldn’t do it. I’m well outside of the demographic for that nonsense.

But… if they had him presenting all of the awards I would have watched the entire thing.


I couldn’t decide if this was an Andy Kaufman-esque performance, or just a drug-fueled meltdown. Probably meltdown.


Oh those poor marketers trying to follow up. They have to remain positive about the possibilities of their work. It’s their job. I literally have no idea what I would have done in their position, other than completely ignore what happened.


I don’t know why, but I am just going to put this here…



This performance will win a Shorty Award next year. Because I’ve never heard of it before.


Which is why I came here…What is an Instagram brand? Do I really want to know?


A brand known for its branding on Instagram is an Instagram brand. It’s a free-spirit brand, for a free-spirit generation. Ephemeral. Like the gossamer wings of angels. Not one of those inbred Traditional Media brands. We shall not speak of those brands. At least not on Instagram, where their filth encrusted feet dare not tread. Peasants.



Who can still watch the video? It’s blocked in Germany now “for copyright reasons” and the comments are deactivated.


It’s been taken down in the US as well. A copyright claim by UMG against the official corporate account of this awards show? Seems like a tactical move rather than a legal one…


Here, found another video


This one’s gone poof too.


Woah - I’ve never had a chance to watch corporate censorship happen in realtime.


I feel like I’ve been chasing this video around…I give up!