Watch: Adam Savage built Captain Kirk's chair

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With the goose-neck intercom, isn’t this actually Captain Pike’s chair?



Is it just me,or is Adam posting more stuff than Jamie?

Very good work as always, but I noticed one missing detail: he didn’t include the labels for the buttons on the right armrest. Those are noteworthy because of the five buttons present:

  • Two are for initiating red and yellow alerts (which Kirk always delegated by voice to another crewman anyway)
  • Two are unlabeled (like the vast majority of buttons on the Enterprise)
  • The remaining button ejects a manned research pod with fatal consequences for the occupant, which seems like an unusually specific function to include on the captain’s armrest but is quite convenient if you’re trying to frame him for the death of a crewman


For years… He has a regular podcast with the guys, usually an episode a week.

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