Watch Afghans use a giant slingshot to deliver drugs across the border

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Tossing over a few water balloons would be sure to get some laughs from their coworkers.


One evening I chose to kill some time by taking a walk along the Royal Canal, Dublin. As I passed Mountjoy Prison (made famous by the song The Auld Triangle) I noticed that floating in the lee of the lock gate there was a curious gathering of cheap, plastic footballs of the kind that make a ringing noise when kicked.

There weren’t just a couple, there were a dozen or more gathered in the corner where the water level was too low to easily recover them from the lock wall. I paused and wondered how they had got there and why there were so many. Just then, there was a splash as another cheap orange football flew over my head and landed more or less in the middle of the canal.

I turned around to look back at the high prison wall from over which the ball had begun its trajectory. Hitherto unnoticed were two tracksuit clad youths armed with yet another cheap orange football which they deftly kicked back over the high prison wall.

I concluded that the prison authorities were probably aware of these shenanigans if not actually colluding with them.


There I was, walking along, minding my own business; and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, there’s a whooshing sound, and SMACK in the face.


A trebuchet would be the ideal choice.


I wonder if this is the Afghanistan-Iran border. There are huge numbers of Iranians addicted to heroin; they make it into tea and drink it.


Packaging the product to ensure that it doesn’t smash on arrival would be like the doing an egg drop challenge.

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could you do that in the ukraine

It’s most likely black tar opium, which is vey much what it says on the tin, a black tar. Most likely it just smushes a bit if it’s wrapped in enough plastic.

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I don’t remember if I saw that episode.


To be honest, I’d really love it if the CA dispensaries near the Mexico border could do this…

Despite much support within Congress, Mexico still has yet to legalize marijuana, other than CBD products.

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I’ve read a bit about the heroin problem in Iran. An Iranian friend elaborated on it. In 2019 it was estimated there were 2.5 million heroin addicts in Iran. The actual figure is probably higher.

With ranged slingshots, GPS and cell phone coordination, I bet they could do some amazing stunts.

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