Watch amazing robots fall over at the DARPA Robotics Challenge! (And see the winner.)


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That last one looked like it was seizing or had Parkinson’s. Poor little guy.


A falling-over competition? That’s a bit Monty Python, isn’t it?


Two legs bad, four legs good!


Moravec’s funniest home videos?


Robot soccer/football can be amusing.

Those DARPA bots, on the other hand, just look like sad drunks.



I had a servo controller who got an epileptic fit when trying to move too fast.

The power supply was not sufficient. If the motor went full-power, it pulled the voltage down enough that the microcontroller reset, and sent a control pulse in a different timing. The servo then tried to go to a new position, also on full power, and the cycle repeated until I either cut the power or the random position commands went close enough that the power had chance to recover.


Ouch. I was reading about the robots falling over, but I assumed it was on uneven, treacherous terrain, not on flat, hard surfaces. DARPA’s “Grand Challenge” was a hilarious disaster (cars not starting, not able to drive more than ten feet without crashing, etc.) and ten years later we’ve got autonomous vehicles on the road. I wonder if the same will be true here. I kind of suspect not, given what I’ve been reading about the walls being run into in humanoid robots development.


This covers only a fraction of the falls. Hercules’ fatal fall on exiting the vehicle was the most gruesome, involving a mighty crash (it’s a Boston Dynamics monster body) and spurting of robot blood:


I wonder how Asimo would have fared with some of these tasks? It can climb stairs fairly well, pick up and manipulate objects…

Hmm, seems like Asimo isn’t entirely autonomous and possibly not strong enough.


The slightest hint of a giggle may be enough for you to be tortured forever by Roko’s Basilisk


My future simulation can go phuck him “self”…


The robots fall down so easily because they are ugly. Their appearance is a worn-out cliché out of 1950s pulp fiction. They are probably trying to kill themselves.

If you want robots to walk, run, dance, fly, build beautiful robots.


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