Watch: Bizarre 'news' show launched by Trump is hosted by daughter-in-law Lara


There’s a great twitter from the twittiot-in-chief on the linked page where he alleges that the “fake news” and his enemies want him to stop twittering. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just about everybody simply loves his twittering.


Fake news, fake face, or both? You be the judge!

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At least she saved money by using his leftover spray-tan.


What a bunch of C grade propaganda. Get the FauxNews pros in there quick! This schtick sucks.

So let’s see… to even equal Obama our commander in thief, Ill Douche, Mango Mussolini would need to triple the stock market. From nearly 20,000 to in the neighborhood of 60,000… think that’s likely with this clown’s behavior on the job thus far? lol Then he would need to cut unemployment in half from roughly 5 to 2.5%… likely? not. London asset bubble is popping as we speak, buckle up buttercup. Once all the hedgies find out they aint gettin unicorns and rainbows for Xmas the sh!te will hit the fan.

I expect we’ll get in a shooting war to prop up Herr Drumpfenfuehrer, only question is Iran or North Korea. A Qatari coup? Not bloody enough for oh he of little hands. Our only hope is that it doesn’t go nuclear. Those NK subs are probably stuffed full of suicide nukes, drive one into SF bay and kerploee! And all those dumb libs take it on the chin, win win.


Silicone injections, most likely. An in-law of mine got those (an aging model). Eurrgh.

Both, but it’s too bad they don’t cancel out.

I was thinking it was “face news.”

3 words in and her lips just started saying Blah, blah, blah.

Ha, she even managed to throw in an extremely casual, not respectful at all, couldn’t-care-less “thought and prayers” in there.

Nicely done Lara. But truly, I would expect nothing less from someone married to Eric…

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The Ecclesiarchy wants a word with you
re: unauthorized use of the image of the Emperor of Mankind and dissemination of images of the Golden Throne
Representatives of the Adeptus Astartes are on their way to escort you to a secure location


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