Watch: Bizarre 'news' show launched by Trump is hosted by daughter-in-law Lara


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seems legit. /s


No maybe not… but thanks @Carla_Sinclair for taking that bullet for us.


Man, even Trump’s state-run media is shitty and second rate, and relies on free/keep it in the family labor. And of course, hosted on a private, for profit network that is a data privacy nightmare. He really has such a unique brand of dictator chic.


I would not be even a tiny bit surprised to learn that we taxpayers are footing the bill for this somehow.


If it’s filmed in a Mar-A-Lago poolhouse, as it most likely is, then we most certainly are…


Straight out of the Joseph Goebbels playbook, get other to say how great you are, probably wrote the script himself.


And that is a lie.


Hmm, a 2:30 summary of a week’s worth of work most of which doesn’t have anything to do “work” 45 actually did. I think someone’s calendar is a bit light.


Fixed that for you


Got the first 6 words right.


I already have rage issues. So no. No I will not watch this.

However i have a message to the Trump Line about all these very thin and transparent ‘look how great i am’ things they have been doing.


I was expecting Lara to tell us how at the exact moment of His birth, a new star formed and lit up the sky, the seasons suddenly changed from winter to spring, and a double rainbow appeared.
Or how He always shoots 38 under par on a regulation 18-hole golf course.


Eyes strangely sunk in, lips strangely inflated…?


The lips are so distracting!


Terrible content aside, it fucking drives me off a cliff when I see video production this shitty… How can you let audio quality like that go out?! A freshman AV student wouldn’t allow audio gain like that.


same here, I can not even watch that face - it just wreaks of artifiace, and I automatically hear lies. What is this idea of beauty she is trying (and failing) to transform herself to? She should do herself a favor and give it a rest. I’m sure she does not need to do whatever she has done to her face.


Let the Facebook user flagging kick things up with a vengeance.


Working hard for the inheritance.


Finally, they can get message out to all Trump supporters directly from the Ministry of Truth: