Watch Bono and The Edge mung up "Stairway to Heaven"

And that’s John Bonham’s son, Jason, rocking the drums there. Truly transcendental.



Thank you for the chaser!

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Wow, that’s Jason Bonham? Great drummer in his own right, but I did wonder why the camera focused on him as much as it did.

I last saw him when he had long hair…

Ann Wilson is a terrific singer, had goose bumps listening to her. Bono no goose bumps although cringed a bit.

I saw Bono riding a street bike downtown Toronto years back. He was coasting along all by himself and I was by the curb unlocking my bicycle as he passed. I called out “Hey ! Paul Hewson! Rock on dude!” He smiled and kept going. Turns out U2 was in the city that day and downtown shooting some video, I presume he borrowed someone’s bike for a short spin around the neighbourhood. Was King St. W. and Strachan Ave by Stanley Park.


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