Watch: Bread maker flings dough across restaurant with astonishing accuracy


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What do you suppose the reason is they can’t simply put his workstation next to the guy laying out the flattened dough? Seems pretty silly.


Where’s the fun in that?


Exactly. In the unlikely event that I find myself near this restaurant I will make it a point to visit.


That doesn’t make a show for the patrons, does it?


And, of all the food prep things I’ve ever seen thrown for show (alcohol bottles, knives at a tepanyaki place) a frisbee of raw dough is high on my list of things that wouldn’t be horrible to be hit in the face with.

Can you imagine the Ultimate Frisbee team these guys could field if they decided to join a work league


The patrons seemed pretty indifferent. I’ve avidly watched nan being made in a egg shaped tandoori oven, seems a split second thing between done and burned to a crisp. Cold nan is NOTHING like hot out of the oven nan! Sadly my favorite place in Tribeca closed, the curb there was always lined with cabs.


The showmanship here notwithstanding, they are also making nan, which is maybe the most delicious bread in the world. So this seems magical.


paratha isnae naan



The bloopers video would be fun too, if you can get that.


I’m hating on both that place, the presenter and the camera person who lingered on that servers butt.


Yeah, the presenter and the camerawork isn’t so great. There’s plenty of other videos without as much butt that show the servers just chucking the rolls at people, but I figured I’d post one with a little explanation of what’s going on. I will say that their hog jowls are awesome, which isn’t a sentence I type on the regular.


I’m sure I will love on some awsome hog jowls some day.
They are not so commonly served in the PNW, USA.
Maybe I will find some and cook 'em.


I thought at first you were talking about the OP video, and it does seem to follow a certain tall male server’s yellow plaid draped derriere whenever he veers into frame, but I assume it’s a weird coincidence?



At a guess, because there’s not room for two people to make the naan beside each other in the kitchen layout as it is. Moving the two counters together would require carpentry, possibly plumbing/electrical work, and some Kafkaesque permitting process.

Throwing the dough across the room lets them use the counters they have in place without spending any money on redesigning the kitchen.


Nah, what I said was code for that one guy scratching his nuts in the OP video.


Recipe where I got the image:


“132,743 pounds of beef” each year (2min37secs in).

Seem curiously specific to me…