WATCH: Car dealership stiffs pizza delivery guy




I’m surprised they didn’t tell the guy they were doing him a favor by making him give back the tip. That would be more typical of some of the car dealers I’ve dealt with.


Looks like some people are going to be eating a lot of spit-and-pube pizza in the future.

Seriously, you can’t piss off the people who provide your food.


If reading Buzzfeed makes your head hurt like it does mine, here’s a local source’s take



Ever notice how must surveillance videos are silent? There’s a reason for that: depending on who set up the camera (i.e., whether they were present in the room) and the jurisdiction they were in, there’s a good chance they violated wiretap laws.

Edit: since this happened in Massachusetts, which is a two-party consent state (meaning both parties must consent to the recording), they almost certainly violated the MA wiretap law.


Christ, what assholes!

What kind of scum pulls that shit?


I can’t even comprehend what their beef was with this guy. Was he being the slightest bit disagreeable and I missed it? Bunchamuddafuggin turkays.


It’s hard to find a whole room of people that all should have been aborted.


Yay for mob justice!


Apparently car dealers don’t even need a financial incentive to be assholes, they’ll do it in their free time as well.


I think it’s more likely they’ll be brown bagging it for a long time.


They may be eating at home…


From the few yelp (and other sites) reviews that are available from BEFORE they got dog-piled, they seem to deserve the bad publicity, and probably won’t care all that much.

They really do seem to be the archetype of the sleazy used car place–complaints of refusing to refund deposits, refusing to honor warranties, lying, rudeness. One review even said they switched the new tires with old ones after making the sale. I couldn’t find a single old review that gave them more than 1 star.

It’s great karma that now, with 2300+ truly HORRIBLE yelp reviews in the last few days, anyone who bothers to research before dealing with them will run away— but really when there were only a handful of reviews, anyone who checked online before would have done the same. Somehow they survived, like roaches under a rock. I suppose they’ll weather this too.


I suggest going to the yelp page and looking at the uploaded photos before they get removed…


Apology from the Manager on behalf of the dealership:


Anybody want to translate that from illiterate moron into English?


All caps = burn him!


I deliver pizza, and I always wonder why car dealers are such dicks to us. We go through cars much faster than most people, and just treating us like fucking human beings could result in selling us a car later. I have a list of dealerships in my area that I will never buy a car from.


Kudos to 4chan for their modifications to F&R Auto on google maps, offensive though it may be.