Watch century eggs get made!

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Not hard to find at any asian grocery, or you could resort to Amazon –

Those are the kind with the translucent black flesh and the branching patterns, hence the name “pine flower egg”. Really pretty and weird. Reserve an afternoon just to stare at them, with occasional pokes.

But as far as the taste goes, heh, you might like them. You might not. If you’re on the not side but you’re hellbent on eating one anyway, try it diced up in a bowl of hot congee. Grits works too.


Watch century eggs get made!

I don’t have that kind of time!


Scotch eggs are quicker.

I have successfully eaten one of those eggs. I’ve not managed since, can’t get past the texture unfortunately. My friend felt the same about pickled eggs.

She’s been making century eggs since 1983

Sixty years to go!

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