WATCH: Chaperone at concert makes the best of a dad situation

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I love this man…


I suspect as a teenager, I would’ve been mortified if my dad busted a move at a teenibopper concert. As a parent not especially younger than this guy, I greatly enjoy how he’s making the best of a situation he probably wanted nothing to do with. (That, or he secretly really, really digs manufactured boy bands.)


Why not mortified and proud?


Exactly. I think my dad did stuff like this because he knew that it would do both.

I miss my dad.


Love this guy!

I’ve been taking my kids to concerts for years, and I’m always puzzled by the rows of parents, usually at the back of the venue, standing with their arms crossed, stiff as statues. I’m on barricade with the kids, having a blast. But I’m a concert photojournalist, so I’m in my oeuvre; my comfort level might be a little bit higher than most my age (50+).

Always great to see someone making the most and busting through comfort zones.

It’s easy to forget how much fun dancing is.

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As an Englishman I am appalled, a series of flashy moves with little sense of linking rhythm, it might just be acceptable at Wigan pier, but dancing like a bally colonial in broad daylight can hardly be condoned. Should I have been present I would have given him a bit of a look.




He’s killing it over there!


Just turn and walk away.

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