Watch: Young boy has a rough day, so sister surprises him with Lady Gaga tickets

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Maybe the Doors, but not Ga-Ga.


Are you sitting down? I have some bad news…


That was really fucking sweet. I might have to check myself for diabetes now. Glad his sister was able to do something so nice for him.

I was able to take my younger brother to his first legit concert some years ago and we saw Tenacious D. Pretty proud of that.:sunglasses:


My Wife just told me, I’m taking the rest of the day off, maybe.


Oh wait… those are for last night’s show! Sorry!

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… I know you’ve had a rough time
Here I’ve come to hijack you (hijack you), I love you
I’m making the most of the night

Yeah, this pull would’ve been more appropriate had they been Carly Rae Jepson tickets. But that’s his error, not mine… :slight_smile:


At least it’s not Rex Manning

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I hear Morrison’s a little stiff on stage anymore.

Began going to concerts again. Saw Joel in MSG, Elton, and Springsteen. Missed Bowie, Prince, and Petty. Catch them while they are still here.

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OK, then i’m totally listening.



I don’t like most of her stuff, but she is talented as fuck, and she works hard. She has my respect.


I equally respect her for her hard work, same with Katie Perry. I don’t listen to their music at all but i am more than willing to give them props for what they’ve accomplished. Also as far as i understand both Gaga and Perry are big advocates for causes like anti-bullying, depression, etc and as far as i’m concerned they’re pretty decent role models (especially when compared to the Kardashian family).


Compared to the likes of Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift there’s no question that Gaga has real musical talent.

But not the type of music I give a darn about. Tickets for Lucinda Williams or Neko Case? I am right there, baby.

That goes without saying. I don’t care for her music either though i won’t discredit her because she clearly resonates with some people. They can enjoy her, i’m happy with my small independent bands.

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That’s a good one. My brother’s first concert experience is a classic as well; when he was 12 he went to see The Talking Heads on their “Stop Making Sense” tour.


That kid’s a little monster.

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