Watch Colin Furze mod a bumper car with a huge engine

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Fuze or Furze? It’s of critical importance …

I love that guy, such a mad genius.
Sometimes though, I fear for his life more than he does…


White privilege

Alpine White privilege.


Part 2 isn’t out until Thursday. What a tease!


I have a man crush on him.


WTF? Really?

EXACTLY what I was thinking. This sort of headline chicanery is wearing thin with me. You run with the screamer “. . .mod a bumper car with a huge engine” I am going to want to watch a guy cruising at insane speeds on a public thoroughfare in a bumper car. You know I want this. You know it, and you have used such a desire for your own purposes.

What do I get? 1-2 minutes of talking, 4-5 minutes of welding, 4-5 minutes of engine placement, talking about problems, yadda yadda yadda. Aaaaaaand right at the end, “catch Part 2, on this date! It’ll be cool! And deliver what you originally wanted! Thanks for doubling our click rate!”

Knock it off. While you aren’t pulling a complete bait and switch (“hey, as the headline clearly states, we show you modding. Didn’t say nuthin’ `bout no actual running bumper car”), it’s annoying. At least have the decency to wait and lead with the (short) video of the bumper car rolling around, and follow it with the build link.

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This one was in Cleveland over the weekend.


Yeah I kept clicking through the video to see if he was actually riding it. Nope. Saved 12 minutes of my time.

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I mean srsyl, how fucking annoying.

Hmm, maybe I’ll just hide the “boing” editor posts.

I enjoyed the video, and I’m not that bothered by the “come back next episode!” tease, but…in what universe is 600cc a “huge” engine?

Sure, a supersport middleweight is plenty of fun and fast enough for anyone sane, but the serious road rockets are all over 1,000cc these days.

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Is that all he’s doing?

Okay, sure, it’ll be great, but I’m a hot rodder. I have seen some shit. I have seen an actual shopping cart powered by a blown 454 big block in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut where I used to work, so I expect no less in a bumper car that’s advertised to have a “huge” engine.

Granted, that shopping cart was around 12 feet tall, but still…

In fairness, it was about as big an engine as could be fitted into the unmodified bodywork.


Well, sure. That’s why we modify it.


That Metropolitan is a suicide machine.

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