WATCH: Cool Welsh dog helps save baby dolphin

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PS. although the beach is in Wales, something tells me Leia is a Scouse dog.

Having owned dogs, I’m not so sure the dog was trying to “save” the dolphin so much as play with this interesting squiggly thing I just found!


Likewise, but “helps save” requires no intentionality. I constantly find myself helping save bankers their extraordinary bonuses.


damn that thing was cute.

poor little guy, i wonder what its chances of surviving are separated from its pod. my guess is slim to none alas.

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I thought this was going to be about a dog trying to save a dolphin from drowning.

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Yeah, hope he finds his mom…


Well, it kind of was… as the dolphin would have “air drowned” beached on the rocks like that and Leia was instrumental in alerting her human to the dolphin who was thusly saved. Too attenuated for you? I just like the happy ending, tbh.

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