Watch: Democratic Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio lets loose on GOP Reps

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More content like this please.


bravo – we need more of this for sure.


He ain’t wrong.


It’s refreshing to see a republican I can agree with.


how is every democrat in office right now not like this ALL the time!


umm, Tim Ryan (D) Ohio.


I think that might have been intended as a jab at Ryan since he has occasionally sided with Republicans over his more progressive colleagues?

Of course there’s a pragmatic angle to that too; the fact of the matter is that the kinds of Democrats who are able to win elections in a state like Ohio are going to more centrist/conservative than the kinds of Democrats who are able win elections in states like New York or Vermont.


This is all well & good, but when are the Ds going to start using the F WORD to refer to those in Congress who have earned the label?
And why are those traitors being treated as if they deserve a seat at the table, or that their opinions have merit?
“The Election was rigged! Biden lost in a landslide! There was no insurrection!”
Oh, really

Not sure if Uncle Joe comprehends just what he is dealing with here, or what to do about it.


Republicans are only trying to get reelected. It’s Republican voters who are the other half of the problem.

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Or quarter, depending on your maths and district.
But, yeah, there are too many people willing to vote away our democracy. I’m grateful to all of us here and in the country working to get fair voting access and equal representation. :heart: Stay strong.


I really don’t think that is a fair assumption. Ohio may have turned out Jim Jordan and John Boehner but it also turned out Dennis Kucinich and Nina Turner. Marcia Fudge’s district is far more blue than A.O.C.'s.


Jordan and Bohner are from the agricultural part of State - Jordan’s district got gerrymandered up to the lakefront and its stupid. Like him.

The good people you mention are, like Ryan, products of the Rust Belt. Its a different culture and economy than the rest of Ohio, and Ryan is as close to center as Democrats seem to get up here. Northern Ohio Republicans - think Voinovich - generally start just past him (not that we can’t make extremists, especially lately). And he’s a reflection of the segment of local politics that is small-city urban, poor, working-class, diverse, and not necessarily progressive. And 100% NOT Clintonian Neoliberal.

People are right to point out that his district has suffered massively over the last half century transition to a more widely connected and globally dispersed manufacturing economy. And there is a sense that the Government has been happy to let that happen. So its not as tidy a split between left/right as maybe some other places.

I’m speaking briefly and in broad terms, and I’m not saying my region is unique for this. But we are not the same ‘Ohio’ as Columbus or Cincy or the huge swaths of agricultural land that support them. At least for now.


Fraidy-cats perhaps. Because Republicans are both scared of and ashamed of their base right now but don’t dare come out and say it.

The ‘F-WORD’ is Fascist.
I don’t think the Dems know how to play hardball.

I don’t think too many of them are ‘ashamed’ of anything.
And the only thing most of 'em are ‘scared’ of is losing power.

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