Watch Elmo give Julia Louis-Dreyfus a hard time for cursing on Sesame Street


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That was Elmo in 1994. And look what’s happened since.



It was those damn kids that did it.


I’d hang one of these on my office wall. Perhaps that’s why I don’t work in an office though.


Just add below,

  • H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II, 2015

If you’re quoting the Queen, it’s acceptable.


Is shitting really a curse? I always thought it was healthy…


Elmo thinks it is healthy.


HM, not HRH


I stand corrected.

(Refer to above poster for remainder of response.)


I find her career is accomplished and varied enough that it merits her being referred to simply as “Julia Louis-Dreyfus”, sans Seinfeld qualifier.


“He’s gonna be a rich Muppet at the end of this day.”

It occurs to me that even 21 years ago Elmo had almost certainly made more money on (for) Sesame Street than JLD did on Seinfeld.


Why? It always happens when people talk about Jerry. They can’t help but mention that show he was on in the 90s.

Also, I’ll once again note, these chumbox ads that have arrived to every BoingBoing post are shameful. @pesco


So was Patrick Stewart’s, but I’ll always think of him as Picard. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus will always be Elaine…and the reason teenage me kept watching long after Seinfeld jumped the shark.


Liz Windsor will do fine.


On Sesame Street, “muppet” is the real curse word.


Some poor puppeteer’s arm was going through that plastic shitter…


I thought it was a fully robotic shitting Elmo…

Ah, the sentence I was born to type!



Here’s Joe Pesci hitting and spitting on Elmo.