Watch four women get impressive Disney villain makeovers

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Yzma is a mildly deep cut - respect.


Funny how women are now embracing the drag queen style of makeup and dress… ! The legendary drag queen, Divine, was the inspiration for at least one or two of Disney’s female villains…

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That was really cool.

I kinda wish they’d gone further with the Cruella makeup; she’s such an extreme character that you can push her look a lot more than just a wig.


Drag is basically a cartoonish caricature of women’s makeup and fashion, so it makes sense that actual cartoon characters would go in a similar direction.

It’s a pity that Divine never lived to see The Little Mermaid. Friends of hers have said she would have loved it.

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I think Divine would have been delighted.


You’re late to the revolution, boo:

Thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race and its almost 10 year run, the drag aesthetic is more ‘mainstream’ than ever before.


I’m not late to a thing, brother/sister/other-boo! :slight_smile:

RuPaul and numerous drag queens took their inspiration from Divine and
other fabulous DQs.

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Of course they did; it’s a well known part of ** Drag HERstory.**

In season 7, they even did an homage theme for the late, great Divine and John Waters;


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