Watch genetically-evolving cars race in 2D


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That’s how designing cars will happen in a few years’ time.


This is neat, but it’s too bad they can’t evolve weapons systems.


Great. I’m gonna have to get my Volvo spayed.


Let it run in the background


It is refreshing to see a responsible owner. I’m sick of seeing these mongrel atrocities roaming the streets.



How do I spoof the BBS to give more than one like?


Way, waay too fascinated by this.


Me too! It’s amazingly fun to watch… but man I want to change the tire rubber consistency to be grippier, but not nearly as bouncey. Pulled the git code to play with it myself down the line… so neat!

Of course it would be so meta to have procedurally setup new versions appear as well, to battle out for the win!


Yeah, I didn’t realize that I had been staring at it for a half hour, until a coworker asked me what I was doing…


Seems to me that in the real world the corpses and bones of the dead would gradually fill in those valleys and later generations would have a smoother ride.


Waitin’ on a mutation!


Going on vacation for 9 days. I expect a sentient race of cars when I return.


Have you seen his genetic algorithm walkers?

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