Watch ghost car appear from nowhere and cause collision


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Pretty sure its just hidden behind and moving to stay hidden behind the car in front of the camera. But then one would also need to assume that driver saw that car the whole time and still went with it.


There are dealing with a light and shadow problem there, and the car doing the hitting appears to have dark windows. Possible explanation why they didn’t stop?


Spooky occultation.


Clearly this is a car from a parallel universe, desperate to escape the insanity there. Wait until they find out who’s President.



It’s like that little dance two pedestrians do when trying to pass each other in a crowded place, but still wind up colliding anyway.


Well, that gives ‘ghost riding the whip’ new meaning…


Maybe we need to check the time of this wreck with the time China sent their quantum satellite communication!?


That vid is fucken weird. Can’t work it out at all.


I think the spooky music just sort of summoned it.


Wake up SHEEPLE!!!


For about the first two seconds of the video you can see the top of the other car above the one in the foreground. Maybe a glare off the body / glass.
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Must. Not. Post…ah, fuckit, I’m too weak…


As someone who was already ‘done’ back when E40 and Mac Dre first came with that foolishness:



So Close, Dog and Tennis Ball [cut length, optimized]


That’s what THEY want you to believe.


I know exactly what happened there, but I can’t tell you.


As ghost videos go, that one was pretty weak.

Would not even fool Scooby-Doo.