Watch gibbons freak out about a rat scurrying through their enclosure


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I once saw a squirrel move along the edge of the gibbon enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo. The gibbon wasn’t so much freaked out as looking for a non-approved snack. And he came mighty close to getting one.


Those gibbons freak me out.


I don’t blame them. Heck, if I saw a rodent in my home I’d probably freak out like that, including the weird arm movements.


There was a mouse that interrupted church on Easter, my kid told me. Lots of squealing, though not from the mouse. They ended up shooing it outside.


I see your “gibbons freak out over a rat” and raise you one "red panda freaks out over a bug on a rock."


I don’t see anything about a bug.

And The Rock can be scary. I wouldn’t mess with him either. :wink:


A video of people running and screaming because of a rat is much more entertaining.


I’m more freaked out about the Under Armour. That company is a 45 supporter.

Come to think of it you might be a little happy about the caliber that you selected for your nom.


Came here to say the exact same thing.


Assuming that he is posing with a magazine soon after it was released, it is from the halcyon days when no one seriously thought Trump would win.


I was flabbergasted. I assured a friend on the phone that very night.
The red ones will flip, I told her.
Texas is going purple, I told her.

I am often wrong.


And here I thought it might be more news about Senator Leach.


They move eerily like a cost-reduced spider that had to be implemented with only half of its leg budget; but is using the original movement algorithms to the degree possible.


What freaks me out, like a hand-waving gibbon chasing a rat, is how many times articles or blog posts are repeated in prior blog pages.

I went back 15 pages, and found on pages 8 through 15 many duplicate posts that showed up later, repeatedly, on more recent blog pages.

What the hell gives with that?


Well said.




As a zoo chaser, I give you this video, serendipitously shot by yours truly. Warning, NSFE (not safe for elephants).


That was pretty boring.


IIRC elephants communicate social status and their mood using their dongs. It’s part of their body language, like a dog’s tail. Or a cat’s ears.