Watch: Giuliani says Trump threatened Putin that he would “blow up" the Kremlin’s Cathedral of the Annunciation if Russia attacked Ukraine

Sounds like a pretty common thing Trump would say, especially to Rudy.

But why would Trump be supporting the country that he claimed was doing the under the table work for the Bidens in effort to socialize the US (or whatever)?

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I do like the new nickname Kimmel used: “ReCount Dracula.” (Or if not new the first I’d heard it)


ooooOOOOOoooo! That is a good 'un tophat-biggrin

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“and then, everyone applauded!”


Because you’re thinking of someone who has loyalties and follows them. Like a normal , sane person. Trump’s not that person. Trump’s more a “what can you do for me now” person. A “how can I use you to my advantage now” type guy. If Zelansky’s government had opened up criminal investigations to the Bidens as Trump demanded, then suddenly the Ukraine would be the greatest friend of his and America.

From one phone call, based on one word “no”, Trump invented an entire conspiracy that Ukraine was working with the Bidens to turn America socialist. If the word had been “yes”, then Trump would have told us that the Ukraine was fighting to preserve American Democracy and Capitalism.

Now extrapolate that to EVERYONE. Every country. Every dealing Trump has with all other foreign leaders, and in fact, all other entities in general. And then give him the full weight of the US Military and the US Nuclear Arsenal.

He likely said to Rudy exactly what Rudy is claiming he said. He probably also said a million other dumb things about where we could bomb. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he said that the US should bomb Seattle during the CHOP situation. Lord knows it wouldn’t be the first time a leader bombed a US city.




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