Watch: Guy drives his smart car inside convenience store to avoid rain

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To be fair, he has a doctors note saying he is made of sugar and will melt.


Strangely enough, it’s the part where he honks that this goes from “total asshole” to “sort of endearing.”


A moral to this story exists, I just can’t find it.


If it were raining, Id think you could see it on the bonnet or o the windscreen. I dont think the driver even has that excuse to lean on.

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It seems like he knows the guy in the store to me.


If this happened at a 7-11 in the US, it would be different in part because it would be a pickup truck or a minivan, which would take the doorframe into the store with it.


This would have caused more of a ruckus there too, if the driver had not been a high-ranking party member.

Would have been easier with this:


What do you mean? This happens all the time in the U.S. The employees here just aren’t as accommodating because of the mess (and injured) they have to attend to.

Well, it IS a CONVENIENCE store.


Anyway… we used to have this (zero-value-added) inspector at our company. Everywhere he went onsite he used a motorized cart to schlep himself around in (including down tight, office aisle ways… bumping into corners and running into near-missies with people, never apologizing… never saying anything really). To avoid having to leave the cart during meetings and such, he’d employ a huge magnifying glass fitted with a long handle (the better to view paperwork not near enough to him; he even sometimes used one of those mechanics’ claw-grabber tools to reach for things). Early on some of us thought he was handicapped; not per his coworkers in his inspection organization, or per those who’d see him at the end of the day folding up his moto-cart and lifting that sucker into the trunk of his car. Lovely.


Honking isn’t universally regarded as aggressive. In many cultures it’s a means of civil communication.

I’m sort of curious how the People’s Daily determined the driver’s gender. I can’t see through the windshield from that angle and glare.

I’ve seen that happen, but it wasn’t intentional.

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Looks staged to me. Unless they’re in the habit of leaving both doors propped open

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“Christ, what an asshole…”

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