Watch: Heroic man on motorcycle saves the life of a man about to jump

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I am so sorry for his loss. I know that feeling. I am heartened by this selfless display of our shared humanity. I genuinely hope he gets the help and support he needs. Thanks for this, BoingBoing.


I had a friend who struck and killed a man who jumped from a similar bridge outside Chicago. It affected he very badly, and I rarely saw him after that. The motorcyclist helped more than one person.


I can’t imagine the grief he must’ve felt, to be pushed as far as to attempt suicide and to try to flee from strangers reaching out to help. I really wish this guy the best and that he can find some peace eventually. As for the motorist and everyone else that helped they definitely did a lot of good.


From the title, I was expecting the motorcyclist to head up to the bridge and grab him off the rail. This was way cooler.


A brave soul with courage and the wherewithal to use it wisely.


I was hoping that other motorist who stopped would give him a hug.

I’m guessing the poor dude has a bit more going on than his mum’s death…


He was taken away in a police car. I’ve sure it was a happy ending. Russian police would never be thugs in uniform who’d take him well outside of town, beat him up and leave him with no shoes.

That’s a 10 hour drive to Kursk, assuming Google’s guess is accurate.

I expect they chained him to a desk and made him spend 16 hours a day typing pro-Trump stuff on social media. Because, stereotyping.:confounded:


Thanks for posting. Generosity, kindness, attention–as you say, these are heroic.


The jumping guy is either under the influence, or has other mental health problems. This was probably compounded by grief for his mother. I hope he gets the help he clearly needs. Well done to the biker guy.

Faith in humanity (briefly) restored.

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