Watch how to cut the world's hardest foods with a modded kitchen knife


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saw =/= cut


Nutmeg or go home.


This looks so much easier than buying a serrated knife.


Yes, these aren’t serrations, such as you find on a bread knife. He’s actually creating saw teeth and giving them a set so they’ll cut a kerf (slot) to give clearance for the blade.

Suggestion: coping saw or other fine-toothed wood saw.


Just keep a straight up hacksaw in your knife collection


Isn’t this the same guy who actually made a whole knife out of katsuobushi :grey_question:


He’s made knives out of just about any material you can name. When he makes one out of a banana, I’m sure we’ll be able to look at it first on BoingBoing.


Sooner or later, they’ll make knife-modding illegal.


this inspires me to create a hack job cooking channel on YouTube, just really bad kitchen solutions and recipe substitutions, that invariably end with getting takeout.


I would subscribe!

Heck, I might join your Patreon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And the Patreon would be used to fund the takeout orders! :grin:



I like his style, but it’s a little too deliberate.


Hard foods. Reminds me of when I was of pre-school age, being babysat by my grandparents and having to eat one of their soupy, soft (yuck) veggy concoctions. One day I had enough and (not having a huge vocabulary) asked for food that was “harder”. My Grandad: “You want harder food?!” Laughing like a mad man (he had a great laugh), he pulled out a very stale loaf of Italian bread from the trash can and started hammering the loaf against the kitchen table we were sitting at. Crumbs flying. “You want hard food (still laughing)… here it is!!" At the time I took it personally.


Highly recommended - cuts anything AND spreads butter:

The thin blade means they don’t last forever… and Amazon’s got wildly varying prices for them, so shop around.


Sure, you can add a serrated edge on a cheap knife. But how long will it hold up? And is there any convenient way to sharpen or otherwise restore it when it gets less effective?


Myristicin - my favourite phenylpropene.


Let’s see it cut Dwarf Bread.


Ship’s Biscuit?