Watch how to make prints like Andy Warhol

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I learned screen printing in high school - but I didn’t learn to be as brilliant as Warhol.


By the peak of his career Warhol was having assistants do most of the actual screen printing. He even hired a lookalike to do the public speaking circuit on his behalf. All of which is very on-brand for his particular flavor of Pop Art.


This is just “how to silkscreen.” Warhol’s great strengths were his vivid color combinations, & his freedom from convention. This docent’s work looks nothing like his.

Warhol did teach some of his methods to his assistants, at least one of whom created a line of forgeries, according to his diary (which is a great weird read).

Many artists of large works, especially sculpture, create the design but do almost none of the execution. That’s one reason why the cult of the individual artist is a shuck. And one reason why Warhol called his studio The Factory.


I was going to say- she’s doing the work herself- that’s not like Andy Warhol.


To be honest - I’d be more interested in learning to sell prints like Andy Warhol.


I loathe Warhol’s work.



No… obviously, but… freakin’ Xeroxes, man…

Genuinely interested – I screenprinted a lot myself and it’s an awesome process – but when step one is “use photoshop”, I bail.

I mean, sure, use photoshop, but maybe skip that step in the re-enactment video?

If Warhol had photoshop he would have done something else than making screenprints, I am sure.

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So … silk screen printing then. This is like saying “how to paint like picasso” and showing a bob ross video

well, this had nothing to do with having other people to pee on canvas. Not at all what i came here for

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