Watch how to tow a real car using toy cars

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So…just to be clear…is it an army of cars?

I’m a little fuzzy on that part.

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As I learnt back in school: a murder of crows, a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese and a lot of cars.


one minor point of correction, that’s not a car, or truck, or SUV that’s being towed, it’s a Jeep. a sad pitiful example of a Jeep to be sure, but a Jeep nontheless.

Video was way too long. Could have been done in two minutes.

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He has a very spurious concept of mechanics, weight and friction.

That’s like 100 horses the size of ducks!

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That video is unwatchable.

Yeah, well… not a real Jeep.
I blame Iacocca.

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