Driver using selfie stick drives his Jeep into a canoe


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Needs to be made into a “Priceless” commercial.



… and posts it on YouTube, for some reason? Hey, if it goes viral enough maybe he can make enough cash to replace his windshield.



Did the bone that holds his brain up fall out?


Am I the only disappointed by the lack of sound?


Where narcissism, Jeeps, canoes, palms and foreheads collide


I’m curious to know the opinion of the gentleman who was STRADDLING THE CANOE in the back of the pickup truck when this happened. If that guy had been launched into the air, cartoon style, this video would be the best video ever.


Add a Yakety Sax soundtrack, and I’m sold.


I tried but it seems to be not working? Alas.


SUBLUXATED? Is he an ironic chiropractor?


I dunno. That’s a better angle than a dashcam in some respects.


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