Watch how to use dry erase markers to make writing that floats


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That was pretty cool. I’ve been spending a good bit of time on YouTube watching how-to videos like this. Most recently I’ve been watching ones made by native Spanish speakers because that way I get to learn new arts, crafts, and maker stuff and improve my Spanish a little.


Ha! I was just watching an untranslated Spanish channel on a craft. There’s actually an interesting trend among makers to make wordless howto vids. See the recent post I did from a guy who makes resin spheres as an example. I think it helps with monetization.

I almost posted an untranslated piece on Mexico City’s new “Little LA,” an enclave of recently deported immigrants. The report was in Spanish, but the interviews were all conducted in English.


OK, that makes a lot of sense. I don’t normally watch the wordless ones very much because I enjoy the comments on / explanations of the process, but I did see cases where some YouTube maker types were averaging a couple of hundred views on most of their posts suddenly getting many thousands of views on one or two they did.

I guess some people have a panic response when they see a video in a language they don’t speak and immediately click away, and others just try to puzzle things out. I worry sometimes that I’m going to end up on a list somewhere because I spend a lot of time on arts and crafts-related sites in Russia, Iran, Turkey, and other countries - because people who make lists can be idiots.

That probably sounds wildly paranoid, but in the current political climate maybe not.


I’m not surprised; they have some very special properties.


Seeing the hearts pull up and float away reminds me of (edit - here’s the original)

This works (you can mute/lower volume on the instructional):


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