Watch: Inebriated gentleman and 2 cops fight and tumble down arena seats during sports game

Spanish speaking people in Miami? Umm dude like half the population there speaks Spanish. What bizzaro world do you live in?


Its more likely that the number is much higher. I recall seeing stores there that had signs “English spoken here” when i went as a kid for a Disney trip. Also have a cousin that speaks very basic English and has done pretty well for himself in the 2 years here’s been in the US.


Years back I was on a GOTransit bus (Government of Ontario bus service) A drunken elderly white man got on the bus a certain towns stop and wanted to go to the next town. Fare was 1.90, he had 1.30. Coach operator said “You are 60 cents short.” The gentleman said, “That don’t matter, just drive the bus.” The Coach Operator contacted dispatch and informed of situation. Within 3-4 mins a OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) cruiser approached and 2 officers boarded the bus whilst donning leather gloves. Officers approached the drunk fare cheat and repeated, pay the fare or leave the bus. The drunk refused to leave. One of the officers touched the drunkards elbow and the drunkard pulled his elbow away and that’s when he was pulled off the bus like a 100lb bag of wet potatoes screaming “My arm!” Once pinned on the shoulder of the rural road, one of the provincial officers said to the provincial coach operator. “You’re free to go” at which the bus door was shut and off we went.

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I’d like to have a charge of _failed masculinity _ aimed at the guy.

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He wasn’t speaking 'merican, so he can’t possibly be 'merican.


I listened with headphones, and got a good earful.

Puta la cara = bitch face

I think maybe the dude is an actual Spaniard?

I also think his girlfriend needs to stop defending him and drop him like a bad habit.


That sports-related tumble needs the “agony of defeat” music:

Feeling so sorry for her female friend. It must suck to be around dudes like that.

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I dunno,I though the stadium anthems soundtracking it complemented the buildup of tension pretty well.

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Nope. As long as I know “puta la cara” isn’t a proper Spaniard expression. There is a lot of noise, and it could be he saying “Dímelo a la puta cara*” (because the other guy is talking while he is sitting back to him) o “En tu puta cara**”, but what I can hear is “puta la cara”
On the other hand “Valiente mamón de mierda***” and “Hijo de puta****” are common Spaniard expressions.
Also: he has a remarkable diction while drunk, clear and with a singing tone, so I guess he learned Spanish, or is from, from some southern South American country like Argentina or Uruguay.

*Tell me in my fucking face
**In your fucking face
***Huge shit-sucker
****Son of a bitch

I got the impression that the guys behind him were winding him up for fun. Not the most edifying sight really.

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Makes a good case for electronic social discipline neck bands activated via the wi-fi network at the stadium. The future is looking brighter already.

If he’s disturbing guests and being a dick, the facility can ask him to leave as he’s not in a public space. And yes, he was being pretty obviously “disorderly” in terms of both conduct and intoxication. He’s not a poor waif being ground under the system’s bootheel; he’s just some dick that would have likely caused a much bigger problem if he stayed.

Of course the owners can ask him to leave, but that’s not the same as calling the cops. And it doesn’t give police a right to pick a fight, which is not a strictly legal law enforcement technique. Also, being a dick is not actually a crime, and criminals, both dick and non-dick, have rights.

Okay, sure, let that play out. The staff ask him to leave. He doesn’t. What’s the next step? Let him stay?

You just saw what one asshole being wrestled down by two cops caused. They fell four rows, landed on a bunch of other people, and caused a whole big thing. Imagine three minutes later if/when those two groups of people all get sucked into a rumble because of that one drunk asshole’s fighting words (which are explicitly not 1A-protected speech). Lawsuits, injuries, bad PR, etc. all around. Do combatants land on a child and break her little hypothetical legs? Does someone lose an eye, or get pushed over the balcony? You either open up the potential for way worse things, or you just kick the drunk guy out. This is not a rare thing literally anywhere alcohol is served so save the anger for an actually oppressed person or shitty situation. You don’t have to look far.

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