Watch: Ivanka Trump kicks off her rehabilitation tour by boasting of feeding starving Ukrainians

Furthermore, doing it under the guise of being “a feminist”, when it’s so easy to deduce how much damage the gang is doing to civil rights for any unprotected class of citizen in this country, much less other countries. :man_shrugging:


And more generally under the implication that Ivanka and Jared held certain values that were opposed to at least some of what her father publicly stood for, and were trying to be a moderating influence that would rein in some of his worst tendencies and instincts. Instead they were in there making things even worse and running their own grifts.


In one of the pictures, some of her “aid” is… prayer books (Молитвослов)?

Because “thoughts and prayers” aren’t good enough!


Yes, hope, for all, particularly including the Slavic states.

(excerpt) The map is based on data from 288,076 White Europeans, collected by Harvard researchers between 2002 and 2015. Blue shows low levels of racial bias, and red shows high levels – with Europe’s peaks in countries like the Czech Republic and other East European nations. [Map basis:] on scores on the Implicit Association Test – a reaction-based psychological test designed to measure implicit racial bias (which may not be reflected in people’s behaviour).


That made me laugh, and I’d laugh even more if it was actually true.


This can’t be real. It’s gotta be a deep fake from Caitlin Reilly.

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That stank doesn’t wash off no matter how hard you try to ‘brand’ yourself to an idea that is antithetical to your rich daddy and the capitalist American Oligarchs that have paved the way to your way of being in the world.

Or perhaps Ivanka is actually being sincere but the Stockholm is only supposed to kick in after being kidnapped.


The essential skill for grifters is learning how to fake sincerity.


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