WATCH: Japanese doll maker at work


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You need the right brush to do that kind of work. You also need the skill, so the right brush is necessary but not sufficient. However I was trying to do some sumi-e brush work and I was trying not to blame my brush (“it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools”) but finally I did cast some blame its way and my work improved a lot once I ditched the really cheap brush. It would expand during the stroke and stay an expanded mop, never closing back down to a point at the end of the stroke.

Distantly tangential, but timely: I just had a run-in with a cheap block plane that quite possibly in the right hands would not have done what it did, but more likely in the right hands would have been thrown away and never come in contact with my project, leading to my afternoon of sanding away (most of) the disaster. I blamed the tool, but quickly realized I should be blaming myself for using it even after it demonstrated it’s vengeance.

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As a craftsman in many media, including wood and particularly woodturning, I really like it! But, I am frustrated by the lack of a shot of the chuck thingy he was using, and the tool rest (if there even WAS one used in some of his moves, like when opening and deepening the socket.)

I want to see more!! :- )

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I liked the end of the video where he showed his hands.

All those years becoming a master woodworker, and still has all ten fingers intact. :smile:

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