Watch Jello Biafra and Ice-T take on Tipper Gore over record labeling in 1990

they’re being redeveloped without the interior concourses now

it’s like turning them inside out

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It’s hard not to feel nostalgia for a television clip with Oprah reigning in Jello, Tippa and Ice T et al.

This video is where issues of cultural integrity and identity took popular music seriously without having the ever constant noise of today’s ironic/ post truth bunch of music ‘acts’ muddying the water with rampant misogyny and faux androgyny cast from an ‘art directors vision’ to satisfy a producer satisfying a company.

Please USA, the outsider voices you have within are so much more very exciting to us on the outside.

More please


the man sitting between Biafra and Ice-T I recognize somehow, I’m nearly positive he is a music journalist, and a good one, but for the life of me I cannot place a name or a magazine/piece of journalism to the face.
does anyone recognize him?


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