Watch: Kitty thinks it can scare a rat, but the rat turns out to be the bully who goes after the cat


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If not today, then when?


The best part is how some passersby are completely oblivious to the drama playing out right there on the street in front of them.


Maybe tomorrow.

The rat probably had a super terrible day at his rat job and he just had enough.


That was great, thanks for sharing. I find it very peculiar that passersby are very relaxed about this. I guess a rat is a common sight in Luxembourg.
For those interested, this is exactly where it happened:


That’s a pretty recent-looking house that Jack built.


Toxoplasmosis gondii overachiever :grey_question:


The rat race can be tough.


You had one job


Rat’s don’t give a rats ass.


All it takes is one solid nip to the nose to turn that predator into a scaredy cat.


Evolution in action.


ISTR that even among cats kept for pest control, most won’t seriously challenge rats, preferring the easier prey of mice and chipmunks.


Not all cats are created equal. Until recently I had 2, one would have done exactly like the cat in the vid, the other (who passed) would have had that rat dead in seconds. He bagged a squirrel even as he was circling the drain, a true badass.



  • How did they know to even start recording this?
  • Yeah, right, the rat chased the cat directly towards the camera.
  • Rat pursues past the point of its own safety.
  • Suspiciously photogenic maximum contrast cat.

Do they think we are so gullible? Sheesh.


Exactly what is was thinking. From the Wiki article:

T. gondii has been shown to alter the behavior of infected rodents in ways that increase the rodents’ chances of being preyed upon by felids.[10][13][14] Support for this “manipulation hypothesis” stems from studies showing T. gondii -infected rats have a decreased aversion to cat urine.[10]


To be fair, that was a Rodent of Unusual Size.


Any chance those two are anipals?

If not,

Who shall bell the cat?

I nominate that rat!


You fail as a cat!