Watch: Kitty thinks it can scare a rat, but the rat turns out to be the bully who goes after the cat


All because a little bug went ka-choo.


As you wish.


Using his pet to kite the mob, but not firing a single shot? Total noob hunter.


Terriers are much better rodent control than cats.



Also: that rat was probably being provoked by a pernicious pachyderm stage left. Or maybe the cat was. All I know is that it’s the elephant’s fault.


Equally strange is how the person recording not only seems to know what’s coming, but is standing in exactly the right place to catch the whole thing.


That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad -tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!


There are millions of phones with cameras today. Sometimes people get lucky and then the video go viral.


Especially right after the rat says, “You want the plague? I’ll give you the plague!”


If this was one of the famous New York rats, it would have chased the cat while simultaneously carrying a pizza slice, with a cigarette dangling from it’s mouth. In addition, it would have catcalled the ladies as it ran past.


This is pretty common actually. There are very few domesticated cats that will take on full grown rats. The rat in this video was only middling sized as well. Maybe if he was going up against a cat that lived in a corn crib as rodent control, but Sylvester is usually going to back down from a good sized rat and look for something easier.


That cat is a pussy.

It had to be said.


I had a cat when I was a lad that would take on ANYTHING. It went after pheasants and chased deer. Oddly enough, the runt of the litter. But that cat had a big attitude.


I don’t believe they exist.


Toxoplasma gondii, actually. (Toxoplasmosis is the state of being infected with Toxoplasma.) But yeah.


I totally relate to that cat. I am likewise afraid of wild animals that aren’t afraid of me.


That’s the thing, attitude. My badass was 1/2 the size and twice as smart as the wimp. I also had a 20+ lber who was not afraid of anything, he would march right up to any dog and show it who was boss. I’d sit with him on my Manhattan stoop and he’d act like he was mayor of the block.


Seems like a pet against a feral rat. Feral vs feral, I’d take the cat every time.


From the way it looks, the cat was reasonably well fed, so it wasn’t so much a “you are dinner!” as a “ooh, look, a toy!” attitude. So it really feel like it needed to kill the wee beastie. Just have some fun. Heck, even the retreat seemed to be playful, on a second glance.


That is why terriers were bred. Heck, a Jack Russel mix in Spain is known as a Ratonero or Ratero for that reason. I like to say my dog’s breed is a Ratonero Bodegero Andaluz because it sounds so cool. And for the record, he has a confirmed kill of three mice so far. Spotted it, pounced, chomp and swallow.