Watch: Kitty thinks it can scare a rat, but the rat turns out to be the bully who goes after the cat



you think the rat is a false flag?!


Rat propaganda. Nothing new.

Cat collaborator. There’s always someone. Who knows what they had on Scruffles. Pissed in the wrong shoes this time.


But even larger breeds are surprisingly effective when trained. There’s a bizarre YT channel of a guy who hunts rats with trained minks and a greyhound mix dog, the dog grabs rats the mink flushes from cover. You’d think a dog that big wouldn’t be quick enough, but she was. But semi-feral farm cats are more autonomous than a dog, you can just let them breed and inhabit your spaces, which is why they’ve been so successful at coexisting with humans.


Pissed “in” shoes you say? Obviously a set up. Cats spray, not stream. I have a lot of questions about what happened that day…


Yes, big dogs have the speed, and even wolves and coyotes hunt rodents. I think the most defining factor of terriers is their independence (okay, stubbornness). That, and the fact that they can fit in places bigger dogs can’t.

I had a neutered female cat who would urinate on shoes, carpets, new sofas… basically anything she didn’t like or had changed. She was pretty, had lovely fur and loved to cuddle, but passive-aggressive as all get-out.


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