Watch Lindsey Graham transform from Trump foe to fanboy

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Just another power hungry authoritarian bootlicker… people like him are going to bring the country down.


There is no toady so vile as the one who betrays his own stated principles to side with a bully.


There was no transformation. Lindsey Graham was never anything but an ultra-conservative opportunist who took advantage of an opening in the Reasonable Republican department to get airtime. I doubt very much whether his votes have diverged from Mitch McConnell’s by +/- 2% over the last 25 years, but just like the other frauds McCain, Collins, etc., he plays the character of a Principled Conservative while having no principles beyond self-preservation.

Does anyone doubt for a moment that if McCain had lived, he’d be on cable tv scolding Democrats about how they’ve let their party be taken over by extremists like AOC and bemoaning the witch-hunt of an impeachment?


A lot of people point to Oct. 9 2017 as the day that some serious kompromat got served to Mr Graham on the golf course. Before this, he was still being highly critical of Trump. The two went golfing together, and he emerged a bootlicking toadie.


He shot a 73 from inside his own ass?


I see that photo, and I instantly remember that Pulp Fiction/Kavananaugh mashup. “I don’t remember asking you a DAMN thing.”


“This is where all your campaign funding has come from, Lindsey!”


From March 23, 2019:

“A new Winthrop Poll shows that almost three in four Republicans and Republican leaners (74%) approve of the job that Graham is doing in the state. That’s similar to Trump’s 82% job approval rating among South Carolina Republicans in that same poll.”

“Graham’s approval has benefited from his defense of, and alignment with, President Trump,” Winthrop Poll director Dr. Scott Huffmon said. “While Graham’s numbers used to lag those of other Republicans among GOP identifiers, since he has taken up the President’s banner on most every issue, his approval among Republicans in South Carolina has steadily risen.”

“Graham admitted that his embrace of Trump is politically motivated in an interview with The New York Times’ Mark Leibovich. “If you don’t want to get re-elected, you’re in the wrong business,” he said.”

“Graham is, undoubtedly, focused on his political future. He’s up for re-election in 2020 and, unlike in his past fights for a new term, there don’t appear to be significant conservative forces amassing to challenge him in next year’s GOP primary.” -CNN

Like meth heads who lie, cheat, and steal from their mothers for the next fix, Lindsey is an addict with no morals, ethics, or qualms about being full-on MAGA for the votes.


I wonder how this guy can look himself in the mirror in the morning and tell himself he’s doing the right thing. But, I also know that you can’t make a skunk into a tiger, so the only conclusion I can make is that its all for show and he has no moral spine or backbone. The “faked” anger at the Kavanough(sp?) hearing is one that makes my blood boil tho.


Or as Groucho Marx put it:
“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”


I wonder how many of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex parties Lindsey Graham attended?


Given the rumors that’ve dogged Lindsey Graham for decades, if Trump does indeed have something on him, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was something along those lines. With or without Mr Epstein’s involvement.


I have better things to do than watch this ass clown lick Trump’s orange boots. That said i saw an article this morning that said that a good number of Republicans will usually dispute allegations against Trump that he himself will acknowledge. Corruption is a hell of a drug.

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Watch Lindsey Graham

Oh, thanks, but fuck no.


Already have.

I can’t stand to watch this video.

I think you misspelled butt…


I do believe Lindsay has “the vapors” in that photo.


You can have a tragic villain, but there has to be some kind of empathy towards them.


“Watch Lindsey Graham transform”

Review - Horrible Transformers movie. Worse than the Bay films, if you can believe it. Not one cry of “Decepticons, transform!”. Zero stars.

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