A cornered Lindsey Graham tries to defend Trump but goes haywire instead (video)

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Yeah, that was painful to watch.
“I’m trying to answer it from a Republican point of view!” Which seems to translate as, it’s really bad when Dems do (or are even accused of doing) this stuff, but I won’t denounce any Repub who does the same thing or worse.


The ghost of McCain must hover over this guy’s bed every night, just weeping at the depths he slithers to. Whatever Trump has compromised him with has got to be Earth shattering.


Quite the Wormtongue.


Republicans are desperate to equivalise what Trump did with Hillary supposedly keeping a private email server with classified materials, destroying Blackberrys and bleach-biting her computers (when all accounts indicate Hillary is barely computer literate herself) so that they can flail around claiming Democrats are “weaponizing” the DOJ against them. Even though we all know the two situations cannot be any more different.

That their arguments are barely coherent is really besides the point… deflection, distraction and dissembly while throwing red meat to the base is the only play in their playbook.


So the GOP is “we get to break the law ten times worse because we believe (despite what investigations showed) Democrats broke the law.”

“I’m not saying it’s OK to take a hammer to a Blackberry.”

I may be mistaken here but I think it was official government policy to destroy old devices like that after they’re no longer in use. Should they be donated to Goodwill or something?


They should be donated to the republicans to fabricate evidence with of course!


Never go Full Renfield.



Interviewer: How do you feel about Trump’s wanton disregard for national security?

Republican: Well… it’s kind of like that thing Hillary did with the emails…

Interviewer: Didn’t you call for Hillary to be put in prison for that? Even if those actions were the same thing, why won’t you condemn Trump for doing the very thing he condemned?

Republican: FUCK YOU, that’s why.


“If we nominate Trump, we will be destroyed…and we will deserve it.”


It’s far, far too late for that, but did he ever delete it?


Nah…it only has to be earth shattering to HIM.
I’m willing to be it it’s that Trump has proof LG is…gasp…a ho-mo-sexual.

Which would be shocking to noone, and only potentially bother a minority of people.


I keep seeing people suggest that Trump has dirt on other people. And I’m ready to believe that when Roy Cohn was working for him, that was true. But do we have any evidence that Trump has been involved in anything like that since? It sounds like “planning” and “work” and just not the sort of thing I can see him bothering with at this point. (Which prompts the question, why don’t they turn on him. But I think that’s just about Power Above All.)


I imagine Graham believes it would unseat him. I don’t think it would have actually. Not that at least, because the GOP is comprised of hypocrites anyway. Being openly gay can even be an advantage.

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Seems on-topic:

Will Saletan on how Graham and the GOP let themselves get corrupted into authoritarianism and fascism by Trump.

(I haven’t read it, because it’s 112 pages long, but I’ve heard plenty of folks who did read it say it’s excellent work.)


Republicans don’t seem to care as much about that as they used to as long as the gay politician in question is willing to sell out his fellow LGBTQ+ citizens. They voted in openly gay candidate George Anthony Zabrovsky Devolder Kitara Ravache Santos, after all.


Well, if you’ve been following the news lately, he seems to like to hold on to documents that he thinks are valuable. I think if there are government documents that implicate people he’d like to have a hold over, it’s completely believable that those are or were in a box somewhere on his property.

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Different part of the country though - I suspect even the Republicans in NY are more accepting than the people down in Graham’s red neck of the woods.