Watch: Little boy asks aid workers to feed his friend after earthquake in heartwarming video

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This is how we’re supposed to do it. We lose so much as we think we mature.


And the extreme right wants to bomb them all.


Yeah but in gods name


I sometimes think of how nice the world must have been before humans came around and messed things up.

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Also Major props to the guy handing out food for embracing the little man and giving him a smile plus his meal. Though I’ll never know either of you, thank you for your humanity.

Somehow I just keep watching this clip…great medicine


Before us was 'The Killer Asteroid" aka “Dinosaur Killer”. Humans are the slow-motion version.

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Isn’t that guy using the cute little girl to cut in line? Sneaky!


no, he is not cutting in line. he brings the girl saying: “why didn’t you give her any food? you forgot to give her food”
people around say “what a good boy that you think of your friend"
when he get’s to the front, the guy handing out the food actually sais to him” didn’t i give you food already?"
the people around say that it’s for the girl and the little boy sais it again as well.
the guy laughs and says “is she your girlfriend?” after handing out the food to the little girl, the people say to give the little boy another food portion as well… the guy calls him back and gives him another portion saying “this is your reward” the little boy takes it because the adults also cheer him to do so but when receiving he says: "thank you i already got food "


Double portion! Double sneaky!

Just kidding… :wink:

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lol * :smile:

Nice thought, but no.

I mean, have you ever seen a cat torture some smaller animal to death for it’s own amusement, then not kill it, but leave it to suffer and die slowly because the cat is now bored with it’s “toy”?
We could talk of chemical arms races (by both plants and animals), of irukandji jellyfish, and ricin containing castor beans.
What’s the quote “Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw”…?

Nature is a dick, the universe is a dick, etc… The mistake is thinking that somehow humans aren’t very flawed animals, and have somehow transcended their base animal nature (which is disproven to me each day as I commute on Southern California Freeways).


I had similar thoughts upon reading that. It’s basically everything trying to kill and eat everything else. So not exactly paradise.


I want to hug everyone in this video


…and the daily paradise rag too

If anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here in the corner, listening to David Bowie songs and sobbing at humanity’s lost potential.


To paraphrase Pee-Wee Herman after watching the Mr. Bungle manners movie, “Gee, boys and girls, is that a big enough bottle of Coke, or what?”
Those kids are gonna be wired for days.

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And there is also plenty of love and other positive things out there in the natural world.

The slant you choose to interpret as ‘objective’ and ‘fundamental’ isn’t; it merely reveals how your mind works. It’s an aesthetic.



Cute vid. It also got me pondering chaperones and wondering at what age having a male chaperone may stop being cute…

I like how H.L. Mencken put it:

the older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.”

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Absolutely. The fact is that nature is selfish and doesn’t care. There’s beauty because you choose to interpret as such. There are rare instances of true altruism (very rare in nature).

I guess the point is that it’s really easy to crap on people, but people are the exception to the rule as far as far as bothering to do truly senseless acts of kindness etc… We can truly be horrible shits as well, but I’d argue that true beauty and true altruism is much more common in the human world than in nature.

The trend to idealize nature by overlaying it with human ideals and ignoring what you don’t want to believe truly does say a lot about how one’s mind works.