Watch: Little sled person treks Line Rider track synchronized to “In the Hall of the Mountain King”


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What are those numbers that fly by? Is that some sort of musical notation?


Measure numbers.

Also, those trapezoids looked painful!


“It’s a Trap!-a-zoid!”


The start and middle are oddly soothing and satisfying… tense and release as he launches and lands perfectly… then auuuuugh.

Oh well, he’ll just pick himself up out of the snow and head right back up the hill.


Alright, I’ll admit it.
I was hoping for King Crimson.


Trent Reznor “Social Network” remix version, please!


I was thinking of something slightly different…


I’m pretty sure Michael Moorcock played w these guys for a while there.

I was also thinking of King Crimson!


He did! Can’t remember which live album has him reading poetry between songs but I can hear his voice in my head. Space poetry at its finest!


Raymond Legends did it first. One of the best platform era ever.

This is pretty good, though.


This, truly, is a wonderful thing.


Lucky that little scarf didn’t get caught on anything. Take a tip from Isadora Duncan, kids: don’t let your scarf trail behind you.


This is fantastic!


Yes, Isadora Duncan Syndrome is not a great way to go.


My own personal favorite rock/metal adaptation:



Also brilliant:

And finally: “In the Hall of the Mountain King” also works as soundtrack for playing Asteroids.

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