Watch MAGA Mike Johnson call Trump "a hardened criminal"(video)

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I don’t know; he looks more like a mushy, corpulent criminal to me.


The judges would also have accepted “crusty.”



Yes! So glad someone posted that clip. What a “tell”! I was delightfully flabbergasted the moment I saw it! I tried to figure out how to capture a clip from a YT video, but having never attempted to do so before I gave up after a half an hour of failing. Destined to be a classic clip I think. The way puppyish MJ kept doing the “thumb of acknowledgement” towards his Assholiness the Gilded Turd reminded me of a timid teenager trying to avoid getting a beating from a bully. A disgraceful and repellent performance, but in this case, amusing too.


My take is that the Republican Party has become utterly dysfunctional. They are obsessed with identity politics and wokeness. They have nothing to offer as solutions to real world problems. In fact the laws they pass are often non-compliant with reality. They’re out of step with the majority of the US public on all the important issues. They’re unpopular as a result. Their answer to their unpopularity is not to address the issues, it’s to whine about wokeness being the problem, and to do everything they can to suppress the votes of people who might oppose them. They can’t get their act together in the Congress. They elect idiots, loudmouths, liars and grifters.


Ah, well, even a blind pig finds an acorn every now & then.

I wonder how many of his cultists will show up.
The fewer, the better;

I hope a healthy contigent shows up to do nothing but point at him and laugh when he arrives.


All true, and I think many agree with that. But the problem is that there are enough gerrymandered districts that help keep them in power, and they have just enough voters on board with them to keep them with at least some power (and in some states, they dominate state-wide politics, not because they are more popular or better at their jobs, but due to gerrymandering).

Enough people in their districts are going to have to wake up to how awful they are, and vote them out of office, honestly. But the GOP has gotten used to picking their voters rather than the other way around.


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