Watch: man in Jesus costume gets his cross stuck in the ceiling


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Rathaus-Heumarkt subwaystation Line 5, Cologne if someone wants to inspect the damage …


Looks like that Stairway to Heaven is one step too high.


In fairness

Israel in 4 B.C. had no escalators.

With apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber Tim Rice


Hey, does anyone know a good carpenter?




Well there ain’t one in the video, that’s for sure. Four screws holding together a couple 2x4’s. I wouldn’t be caught dead crucified on that thing.


I love how this funny meme on the internet invalidates the real life Jesus and all that he stands for.


LOL Jesus Fail


I hope he yelled “Oh Dad dammit!” as it happened.


That’s okay. Jesus (ver.1.0) was alleged to have ‘destroyed’ private property (see: Attack on the money-changers).


I think invalidation was occurring left and right before the meme.


The House of My Father hath many rooms – often with below-code ceilings.


Jeebus haz maded teh hole an Ceiling Cat sawed that ish good.


They pressed into service an accoustic tile ceiling, inexplicably named Simon, who was at the top of the escalator to carry his cross.
(Mark 15: 21) [paraphrased]


Christ, what an asshole.


I would have been disappointed if this weren’t here.


“I think you’ve made your point now, you’ve even gone a bit to far to get the message home…”


Nailed it!!! (too soon?)


If God had intended man to carry a cross around all the time, God would have given man taller ceilings.