Watch: Matt Gaetz says he will "take power" after 2022 election

I think he might be able to run for both…

When people like Gaetz, Boebert, Trump and Greene are the stars of your political party, it’s time to do some serious reassessment.


And unless we show up in numbers at the polls, elect competent poll oversight, it will work.

The offcycle and local elections are deadly serious!


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Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy and no real oversight and no real subpoenas

Imagine thinking Trey Gowdy—who “investigated” Benghazi for 18 months in a desperate attempt to pin something, anything on the Obama administration—isn’t conservative enough.


Yeah, well, the team-up will last at least until Biden is impeached. (For what? Going by the level of projection: Biden will be found responsible for vote tampering and the Jan 6 riots.) In any case, they will impeach him. To get even. They might even do it twice. Why? Because they can. All they need is a simple majority. I guarantee an impeachment is happening if the GQP retakes the House. (Maybe even a double Biden-Harris impeachment, so it’s more impeachier? It all depends on what Mar-a-Lago tells them to do.)


“And if we don’t take power it only proves just how powerful and corrupt the Deep State is!!”


So what Matt wants, Matt Gaetz?


That has already happened with Lin Wood.


At this rate, I think spiteful Presidential impeachment will be an ongoing back-and-forth thing for years to come.


If so, once the God Emperor ascends to a higher plane of existence they might fall apart and fight each other over who is his rightful heir.

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He’s from Metaluna.


But, see, that’s a “Both Sides” argument.

Democrats move to impeach POTUSes when they corrupt the FBI, IRA, CIA, DOJ, State Dept, DoD (Nixon), or when they try to solicit bribes from foreign countries (Trump I), or overturn a legal election (Trump II). (With Nixon, Republicans joined with Democrats to make impeachment/conviction a certainty; that will never happen again, no matter what crime is committed by a GQP President.)

Meanwhile, Republicans impeach POTUSes over a blowjob (Clinton), but what it really was was a spite impeachment. Reagan could easily have been impeached for Iran-Contra if the House had been thinking clearly, but they didn’t because it would have been bad manners.

And, by late 2023, Biden will have been impeached for [fill-in: Hunter Biden’s paintings?] I’m already disgusted and this event is barely on the horizon of history.

Hey, throw in “Burisma” and “Hunter Biden’s laptop”, and we’ve got 3 counts of the impeachment right cheer! The thing writes itself!

Ukraine-wise, I can already hear the Tang Dynast bloviating: “When I was in charge, Russia wasn’t invading anyone— Putin only moves on Ukraine when Democrats are in charge.”


For intervening/not intervening (delete as appropriate) when Russia invades Ukraine again.

“He moved on it like a ■■■■■ and grabbed it by the penninsula.”


Why is everything with these doofuses about getting answers to questions that everyone including themselves knows the answer to? So reminiscent of trump killing immigrants at the border while he “figures out what’s going on”.

They literally have the receipts. They have proof of financial transactions from Gaetz to transport a minor across state lines. He’s well and truly nailed. It just takes time when you’re dealing with someone who has deep pockets and influence.


“power”, is that what fratboy fascists are calling cocaine nowadays?

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