Watch Minecraft become holographic in Microsoft Hololens E3 demo


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I was wondering if I would ever be able to properly Loom Omnipotently over my minecraft server as its Admin/God.


Its smoke and mirrors sadly. What we see isn’t what you will get. His viewing is akin to holding a iphone 8 inches from your face and semi transparent. He isn’t seeing a “whole head” immersion. However what they have shown us is what the “camera” saw.


I think this could make arena gameplay footage look amazing. Minecraft videos may get another shot in the arm with this style. Come to think of it this could eventually be used with any game. Picture HALO or Mario Kart or Starcraft with that view.


I think if it is faint you could probably use it in a dark or dimly lit space. Just saying.


The press reviews of the hands on was pretty positive though, so let’s hope it’s at least enjoyable.


Populous reboot or bust.


From talking to people who did the hands-on at Build, the field of vision is fairly narrow, still. They were very impressed with the responsiveness of the rendered graphics, though. The demos also appeared to still rely on a computer, although the final product is supposed to run Win10 entirely within the headset (the tethering probably not an issue when playing Minecraft at home, but…)

My guess is the narrow field of vision is reduced to allow the rendering to have minimal latency. This should improve as hardware improves.


How is this “holographic?”


Powermonger, surely?


Screw Minecraft. I see applications for GIS systems. Use it with Google Earth.


Holding a phone 8 inches from your face is probably about the same field of vision as someone who wears glasses - sure there is all this peripheral vision that you’re missing out on, but the brain learns to focus on what’s right in front of you pretty quickly. Also, this isn’t the end of the technology, it’s the beginning; imagine something the size and shape of ordinary glasses that projects the same holographic images over reality - that will be incredible, and possibly a lot more useful than full VR. I think ultimately we’ll see hybrid glasses that can be completely opaque to the outside world for full VR when you want, and translucent when you want AR instead.


CastAR already has semitransparent clips for AR and opaque ones for VR.


I dunno, the graphics look cool and all, but can you imagine mining those tiny sugar cubes with an eensy-weensy little pick?


Just zoom in and be done with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the FOV is definitely the weak point here, but it certainly seems neat, and AR has been one of my big ‘living in the future’ wish list items for a while now.

Full disclosure, I work for MS, but not in the…whatever division is making this, and I haven’t been able to get my hands on it yet.


It definitely is intriguing, and does seem like it can only get better… it is nice to see Microsoft getting people (and developers like me) excited about their products and the direction they are headed once again…


Yeah; I was surprised as everyone else to hear about this - it was a total secret, even internally, so was super pumped to see this announced. I hope they’ll have demo units at PAX as I’d love to check it out.

If they got this working on a full FOV view, I would basically never take it off.


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