Watch people whiz down this steep Swiss alpine slide

Man, it’s so disappointing to get stuck behind cautious riders like in your video. Don’t they have any radio communication or anything to make sure the last stragglers have cleared the track?

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There’s an awesome metal one of these above the village of Davos (yes, that Davos). Would be fun to see various world leaders take a spill on it!

Closer to home, there’s a “mountain coaster” at the holiday valey ski resort near Ellicotville in western NY. Highly recommend it …

These are so much fun, but the danger isn’t insignificant, and the costs (and insurance) to operate is expensive.

Growing up, I lost a few teeth and half the skin on my leg at the slide in Mount Tom, MA.

Unfortunately, the slide in Stowe closed a few years ago, so all that’s left is Attitash NH

Google “Sommerrodelbahn” for german speaking countries.

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I think BB posted this video of a brakeless run of the Mieders coaster a while back. Looks stressful.


There’s one of the metal chutes at the Great Wall of China, and it was great :slight_smile:

So glad it wasn’t just me who was thinking it.


It’s good to be wrong; the actual topic is much more sanitary than what first came to mind

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