Watch: Right-wing media apes Russian propaganda almost word for word, as seen in supercut video

Originally published at: Watch: Right-wing media apes Russian propaganda almost word for word, as seen in supercut video | Boing Boing


Wow that propaganda machine seems… oh wait.
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I can’t call Swanson, Cawthorn, or EmptyG “Useful Idiots” – not just because they’re generally useless wastes of oxygen but mainly because (unlike the dirtbag leftist brocialist fans of Greenwald) they actually want a Putin-style fascist autocracy here in the U.S. They’re right-wing tankies.


I can’t look at this photo without thinking they spit at the photographer seconds later.


Try this. No embeds though, sorry.


Waiting for Anonymous to make a Putin deepfake designed to enrage and belittle him, and also show the Russian public the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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These fuckers [and the many others of their ilk] have made it more than clear that they want nothing to do with Democracy, and have no qualms about eliminating any oppostion.
One way or the other.

They don’t want ‘dialogue’. They want absolute power. and therefore cannot be negotiated with. They cannot be dealt with via democratic means, either, since they are using those very means to destroy democracy in this country.

Seems to me that this is aiding & abetting a hostile power… isn’t there a term for this sort of behaviour?

I will be so goddamn glad when people stop calling them ‘conservatives’.
They. Are. FASCISTS.
@BakaNeko re: ‘Rewriting history’…
That’s what the feigned outrage about CRT is all about. Hell, the agency in Texas that okays schoolbooks has been doing this shit for years; and since Texas buys so many schoolbooks, it kinda sets the standards for the rest of the country.
A couple of years ago, a presentation at the Alamo was nixed by the Lt. Gov., because the narrative didn’t strictly follow the various fables of Texas history.
They were going to tell the truth IOW, & Taliban Dan couldn’t have that!


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