Watch sand dune skiers hit the hot, dry slopes

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Growing up on the central coast of CA we would always ski in the Sierras or Tahoe in winter. Whenever we wanted to retire a pair of skis we would wait til summer. The Oceano dunes 5 miles away were the best place to go to give the skis one last hurrah. Became a family tradition.


Where i grew up we also had dunes, can’t say we ever used skiis or boards on it because that’s not a typical thing you’d find in Latin America. But i have fond memories of running up a giant dune and then flinging oneself down it. Would love to do that again some day :slight_smile:

Cool, but I would not want to endure the road rash from a fall on that stuff in light clothing.

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We fell plenty of times but I can’t ever say we had any road rash from the sand.

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Wake me when they install the lift chair.


I’m at a loss to understand how that oasis is permanently safe from the neighboring dunes, hundreds of feet in height, from encroaching upon and enveloping it. (There must be a reason, or there wouldn’t be settlements there in the first place.)


We grew up skiing the great sand dunes national monument in Colorado. Here is Warren Miller footage of our group. We had to change our theme post 9/11

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